The Brian Lehrer Show Hands Its Misinformation Mike To AG Grewal

File this brief post with the ‘Dispatches from the Ministry of Truth’ desk. @WNYC

New Jersey’s new Attorney General Gurbir Grewal sat down for a Q&A with Brian today ( During the segment many topics related to New Jersey bringing suit against the Trump administration regarding the emergency and building the southern border wall.

As Attorney General, Grewal stressed the point that “We don’t take an action because we’re reflexively anti-Trump”. But it sure looks that way… When it comes to the ‘constitutional’ part of his argument… He’s quoted… “First he didn’t need to do what he did, so there is no emergency, its not a proper enactment of his emergency powers and second, as you mention, quite clearly, in our federal system congress decides how to spend the taxpayers money not the President and congress repeatedly refused to pay for this wall he did an end-around when he couldn’t get what he wanted through the proper constitutional channels so I think those are the issues”


“The president’s plan would combine money included in the spending package for fencing along the border with funds that he can divert from other programs using traditional presidential discretion on top of still other money he would tap by declaring an emergency.”

From <>

So… contrary to what we’re hearing on the air, Congress HAS appropriated SOME money for this ‘vanity project’ as AG Grewal dismissively called it. So its either the case that Mr. Grewal is woefully uninformed, perhaps they don’t get the New York Times in New Jersey… or he willfully wishes to misinform listeners of the public airways, to which Mr. Lehrer provides the microphone for it.

Of course there is no moment to “fact check” this as Brian does with a caller who mentions  an Illegal Alien involved in a hit-and-run… Yeah, that needs a ‘fact check’.

And just for good measure, Mr. Grewal also perpetuates the urban legend of kids in cages at the border ( Shame on you!

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NPR Knows Specifically Where Trump Will Get His Billions

NPR Rachel Martin

Or, is NPR peddling #FakeNews ?

In an interview this morning with Chris Buskirk @thechrisbuskirk, NPR’s Rachel Martin @rachelnpr disclosed that the money that President Trump is using to augment the southern border wall is coming directly from military families. Families that have already giving this country so much. She’s asking Chris for his take, knowing that this is the case, on how the President’s base will react.

She says:

“At Trump rally’s the centerpiece was ‘We’re gonna build a wall and who’s gonna pay for it? Mexico!’ And now it’s the American taxpayer, I mean now, to be specific, its military families who won’t have their quarters upgraded because the money, 3.5 billion is coming from military construction projects”

Now I’ve gone around the usual media sites, and no body has this detailed piece of information. It must be exclusive to NPR.  Huffington Post, VOX, Daily Beast, none of them have this piece of news. But just to give a token nod to ‘impartiality’ I also checked with AP, WSJ, and Bloomberg (if its about money, I’m sure they’ll have it). I didn’t find this information there either. Why, I couldn’t even find this in the New York Times which is practically camped out in Trump’s back pocket.

Now I ask myself… is this fact real? It’s NPR, they would NEVER traffic in #FakeNews not in this sensitive time when people are trying to pay attention to the news that’s going out over the public airwaves. NPR biased? Is NPR trying to manufacture outrage because military families will suffer at the hands of a callous leader who “has not shown an interest in governing from the center”?

I’m wondering if Rachel Martin might confirm this… or will it be filed in the revisionist history folder?

Morning Edition – How Trump’s Base Is Responding To Emergency Declaration via @WNYC

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When In Doubt, Blame Fox News

File this story with the ‘Twits that Tweet’ desk. This is Ilham Omar ((D) Minnesota) story…

She has a tweet out there, Feb 10th “Ohh (sic) the lengths the right will go to smear me…” She decries.

She says that she and fellow congressional representatives Pressley, Rashid and AOC tweeted with the hashtag #not1dollar, their call for no new funding for DHS due to “Trump’s abuses”.

She then calls out Fox News by name stating that the media outlet is out to discredit and vilify them. She posts Fox News headline “Omar calls for defunding Homeland Security” as proof of this heinous smear.

That’s one big headline… that’s quite a provocative charge… The evil bastards at Fox News have certaintly gone too far with their disinformation campaign… just where the hell are they getting these facts? Up their own ass?

Seriously… Where are they getting this impression that Rep Omar calls for defunding Homeland Securty?

Perhaps they got it from Rep Ilham Omar’s twitter account.

Feb 8th Rep Omar tweets out “Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS.”

I know its rather cryptic… it may be hard to parse through all these subtle, nuanced layers in the text heavy tome, but bear with me.. Lets see if we can fathom where Fox News may have misconstrued the message Ilham is trying to convey.

“Let’s stand firm” – hmmm let’s be resolute, in solidarity, together, united… ok sounds good

#Not1Dollar – this is ‘twitter-speak’ for Not One Dollar or No Money…

“for DHS” – Damn! What the hell can that be? Dominique Strauss-Kahn? No, that would be DSK… could it be Discount Handbags and Shoes? Maybe… but usually in Washington circles DHS is the abbreviation for… oh no, don’t say it… Google it and get yup, Department of Homeland Security.

So, using algebra, an Arabic word BTW, (Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS) = “Let’s stand firm: Not One Dollar for the Department of Homeland Security”

Once again those bastards at Fox News have been caught red-handed reporting the Congresswoman’s own words…

Perhaps she should stop smearing them for reporting what she tweeted.

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Don’t You Dare Name Names

Bernard-Henri Levy

I was listening to Bernard-Henri Levy, a prominent French philosopher, intellectual, author and general bon vivant on the Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC.ORG). His insights and perceptions are listened to widely in our affluent urban centers. He produced a book, a few years back, from compiling a series of essays on America for the Atlantic magazine, ‘American Vertigo: Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville,’.

I was listening to Bernard-Henri Levy, a prominent French philosopher, intellectual, author and general bon vivant on the Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC.ORG). His insights and perceptions are listened to widely in our affluent urban centers. He produced a book, a few years back, from compiling a series of essays on America for the Atlantic magazine, ‘American Vertigo: Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville,’.

A witty review of which was written by Garrison Keillor in The New York Times Review of Books here:

Today finds BHL on the media book tour for his latest tome “The Empire and the Five Kings: America’s Abdication and the Fate of the World”, where he was discussing several topics with host Brian Lehrer in the WNYC Green Space studio including extremists and fascists. When it came to identifying threats on the right-wing, Monsieur Levy was quick to mount the barbed steed. Particular call-outs where French President of the National Front Marie Le Pen, surprisingly British MP Jeremy Corbyn, and of course our own President Donald J Trump.

Yes, these right-wing threats to Liberté, égalité, fraternité are publicly called out by name.

However, when asked about extreme left-wing threats, BHL was clear in stating that there were, here in America, such persons. When asked to call some of them out by name… well, our visiting intellectual would choose the path of capering nimbly in a lady’s chamber perhaps, than answering the question directly. Yes, he preferred not to ‘name names’ out of… deference?

Deference, maybe? But perhaps he fears the avalanche! Yes, by actually calling out left-wing individuals for their threating behavior, he knows he will come under a tsunami of opposition, denunciations and epithets of Racist! Sexist! Nationalist! That blow in like a blinding blizzard from triggered leftist snowflakes.

Yes, our visiting foreign guest may know well the terrible power of the twitter avalanche should he nommer la menace.

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Its Those Kid’s In Cages Again

File this under the Hollywood foreign press or #FakeNews Front

The BBC Radio service is contributing to the maelstrom of #FakeNews by perpetuating and lending credence to the urban legend of caged children at the border.

This morning (January 29th, 2019), during the 9:00 AM EST of the BBC Newshour broadcast on NPR / WNYC a reporter covering US politics from New Hampshire contained in his reportage a sound clip from a woman at a political rally who mentioned that the United States puts kids in cages at the border. Now, I know that there may not be many people at the New Hampshire event,  and getting someone articulate to talk ‘on the record’ may be difficult… but in selecting this sound clip to attach to their story perpetuates a widely discredited publicity stunt as an actual factual account of actions taken at the US border, maliciously maligning an ally and close diplomatic partner.

Now this particular reporter may not be familiar with our border procedures but certainly there are fact checkers at the BBC who would know that putting children in cages sounds a bit barbaric and as such it would be an assertion worth confirming.

By allowing falsehoods to be broadcasted without reservation undermines the very credibility that foreign listeners turn to BBC news service to provide.

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” – Vladimir Lenin

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