Its Those Kid’s In Cages Again

File this under the Hollywood foreign press or #FakeNews Front

The BBC Radio service is contributing to the maelstrom of #FakeNews by perpetuating and lending credence to the urban legend of caged children at the border.

This morning (January 29th, 2019), during the 9:00 AM EST of the BBC Newshour broadcast on NPR / WNYC a reporter covering US politics from New Hampshire contained in his reportage a sound clip from a woman at a political rally who mentioned that the United States puts kids in cages at the border. Now, I know that there may not be many people at the New Hampshire event,  and getting someone articulate to talk ‘on the record’ may be difficult… but in selecting this sound clip to attach to their story perpetuates a widely discredited publicity stunt as an actual factual account of actions taken at the US border, maliciously maligning an ally and close diplomatic partner.

Now this particular reporter may not be familiar with our border procedures but certainly there are fact checkers at the BBC who would know that putting children in cages sounds a bit barbaric and as such it would be an assertion worth confirming.

By allowing falsehoods to be broadcasted without reservation undermines the very credibility that foreign listeners turn to BBC news service to provide.

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” – Vladimir Lenin

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