NPR Knows Specifically Where Trump Will Get His Billions

NPR Rachel Martin

Or, is NPR peddling #FakeNews ?

In an interview this morning with Chris Buskirk @thechrisbuskirk, NPR’s Rachel Martin @rachelnpr disclosed that the money that President Trump is using to augment the southern border wall is coming directly from military families. Families that have already giving this country so much. She’s asking Chris for his take, knowing that this is the case, on how the President’s base will react.

She says:

“At Trump rally’s the centerpiece was ‘We’re gonna build a wall and who’s gonna pay for it? Mexico!’ And now it’s the American taxpayer, I mean now, to be specific, its military families who won’t have their quarters upgraded because the money, 3.5 billion is coming from military construction projects”

Now I’ve gone around the usual media sites, and no body has this detailed piece of information. It must be exclusive to NPR.  Huffington Post, VOX, Daily Beast, none of them have this piece of news. But just to give a token nod to ‘impartiality’ I also checked with AP, WSJ, and Bloomberg (if its about money, I’m sure they’ll have it). I didn’t find this information there either. Why, I couldn’t even find this in the New York Times which is practically camped out in Trump’s back pocket.

Now I ask myself… is this fact real? It’s NPR, they would NEVER traffic in #FakeNews not in this sensitive time when people are trying to pay attention to the news that’s going out over the public airwaves. NPR biased? Is NPR trying to manufacture outrage because military families will suffer at the hands of a callous leader who “has not shown an interest in governing from the center”?

I’m wondering if Rachel Martin might confirm this… or will it be filed in the revisionist history folder?

Morning Edition – How Trump’s Base Is Responding To Emergency Declaration via @WNYC

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