The Brian Lehrer Show Hands Its Misinformation Mike To AG Grewal

File this brief post with the ‘Dispatches from the Ministry of Truth’ desk. @WNYC

New Jersey’s new Attorney General Gurbir Grewal sat down for a Q&A with Brian today ( During the segment many topics related to New Jersey bringing suit against the Trump administration regarding the emergency and building the southern border wall.

As Attorney General, Grewal stressed the point that “We don’t take an action because we’re reflexively anti-Trump”. But it sure looks that way… When it comes to the ‘constitutional’ part of his argument… He’s quoted… “First he didn’t need to do what he did, so there is no emergency, its not a proper enactment of his emergency powers and second, as you mention, quite clearly, in our federal system congress decides how to spend the taxpayers money not the President and congress repeatedly refused to pay for this wall he did an end-around when he couldn’t get what he wanted through the proper constitutional channels so I think those are the issues”


“The president’s plan would combine money included in the spending package for fencing along the border with funds that he can divert from other programs using traditional presidential discretion on top of still other money he would tap by declaring an emergency.”

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So… contrary to what we’re hearing on the air, Congress HAS appropriated SOME money for this ‘vanity project’ as AG Grewal dismissively called it. So its either the case that Mr. Grewal is woefully uninformed, perhaps they don’t get the New York Times in New Jersey… or he willfully wishes to misinform listeners of the public airways, to which Mr. Lehrer provides the microphone for it.

Of course there is no moment to “fact check” this as Brian does with a caller who mentions  an Illegal Alien involved in a hit-and-run… Yeah, that needs a ‘fact check’.

And just for good measure, Mr. Grewal also perpetuates the urban legend of kids in cages at the border ( Shame on you!

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