When In Doubt, Blame Fox News

File this story with the ‘Twits that Tweet’ desk. This is Ilham Omar ((D) Minnesota) story…

She has a tweet out there, Feb 10th “Ohh (sic) the lengths the right will go to smear me…” She decries.

She says that she and fellow congressional representatives Pressley, Rashid and AOC tweeted with the hashtag #not1dollar, their call for no new funding for DHS due to “Trump’s abuses”.

She then calls out Fox News by name stating that the media outlet is out to discredit and vilify them. She posts Fox News headline “Omar calls for defunding Homeland Security” as proof of this heinous smear.

That’s one big headline… that’s quite a provocative charge… The evil bastards at Fox News have certaintly gone too far with their disinformation campaign… just where the hell are they getting these facts? Up their own ass?

Seriously… Where are they getting this impression that Rep Omar calls for defunding Homeland Securty?

Perhaps they got it from Rep Ilham Omar’s twitter account.

Feb 8th Rep Omar tweets out “Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS.”

I know its rather cryptic… it may be hard to parse through all these subtle, nuanced layers in the text heavy tome, but bear with me.. Lets see if we can fathom where Fox News may have misconstrued the message Ilham is trying to convey.

“Let’s stand firm” – hmmm let’s be resolute, in solidarity, together, united… ok sounds good

#Not1Dollar – this is ‘twitter-speak’ for Not One Dollar or No Money…

“for DHS” – Damn! What the hell can that be? Dominique Strauss-Kahn? No, that would be DSK… could it be Discount Handbags and Shoes? Maybe… but usually in Washington circles DHS is the abbreviation for… oh no, don’t say it… Google it and get http://www.dhs.gov yup, Department of Homeland Security.

So, using algebra, an Arabic word BTW, (Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS) = “Let’s stand firm: Not One Dollar for the Department of Homeland Security”

Once again those bastards at Fox News have been caught red-handed reporting the Congresswoman’s own words…

Perhaps she should stop smearing them for reporting what she tweeted.

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